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17th April 2017 Week 2 menu evaluation

By triciawilson, Apr 22 2017 06:36PM

To ensure we are continuing to evaluate the service we provide we have carried out some surveys on the new menu. We want to make sure we are providing a healthy, nutritious and varied menu that the children enjoy. After the menu has ran a full month we will look over the results with the staff and children to further evaluate what works and want doesn’t work. We hope you enjoy looking over the charts, keep your eye on the next few weeks results also. If you have any further comments please let us know what you think, it is vitally important we gain everyone’s views. The charts are based on percentages of children attending that day.

“That fish cake is the best!”

“I like tomato sauce with my fish cakes”

“I didn’t like my lunch”

“it was yummy, like the cake the best”

“I didn’t like the raisins in the cake

“yum I want more”

“Good, I like it all”

“I like the jelly but not the fruit”

“I didn’t like the skin”

I don’t like the top skin”

“I didn’t like the potatoes”

“I love the sausages”

“the chocolate cake is yummy”

“I love the sandwiches”

“I didn’t like the soup”